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Recently H.R Giger passed away(for those of you who don’t know who he is, he was the artist and designer for Alien- among other things). He left behind quite a legacy and intriguing and inspirational art, or at least art I find intriguing and inspirational. However when reading up more on his work I also found something interesting he said about his work.

“If people want to interpret my work as warnings about too much overpopulation, disease and mechanization in the future, then that is up to them.”

"His work contributed significantly to the success of the film.""Some people say my work is often depressing and pessimistic..."He captured imaginations and haunted dreams with his bio-mechanical visions, drawn from his own nightmares.image

“Some people would say my paintings show a future world and maybe they do, but I paint from reality.”

Legendary artist H.R. Giger died last week, aged 74 .imageA prolific artist for over fives decades, he's perhaps best known for his work on sci-fi classic, Alien .

"And I love to work with bones - they are elemental and function and, after all, are part of human beings."Ridley Scott: "Giger's designs were an especially unique experience for the audience. The world had simply never seen anything like that before."H.R. Giger: “Dutch customs once thought my pictures were photos.""Where on earth did they think I could have photographed my subjects? In Hell, perhaps?”

Now let’s just review how crazy and awesome Commander Shepard’s life has been throughout the Mass Effect series:

-He/She is an N7: which is an accomplishment in itself. Also may be a biotic which is also special and a great achievement

-Becomes the first human spectre

-Is the captain of the prototype Normandy and Normandy SR-2

-Makes the craziest teams which is too much info for this one post that is already long

-May save or kill the entire rachni species for good

-Kills the ancient Thorian

-Encounters and views multiple Prothean Beacons

-May view the Cipher

-Kills the rogue spectre Saren

-Responsible for the death of Sovereign

-May save or kill the Citadel Council

-Chooses the first human Council member

-Encounters and speaks to multiple reapers

-Uncovers multiple reaper artifacts

-Never get indoctrinated (Unless you believe in the ID theory but BioWare basically proved that as false, but it’s still viable)

-Is killed and reconstructed over a course of 2 years

-Temporarily works for the pro-human group Cerberus

-Kills the original leaders of the Blue Suns, Eclipse, and Blood Pack with Archangel

-May complete Clan Urdnot’s Rite of Passage

-Uncovers the truth behind the Collectors

-He/she and his/her crew are the first to ever cross the Omega 4 Relay without dying and returns to tell the tale (may die but anyone who did that did it on purpose or is a total idiot)

-Because of this also travels to the center of the galaxy

-Discovers and destroys a Proto Human-Reaper

-Kills multiple reapers- one of which is with a Thresher Maw

-Destroys the Collectors permanantly

-May confront and kill the original Shadow Broker

-Helps construct the Crucible and find the Catalyst

-May cure the Genophage

-Saves the Council(possibly for the second time) and the Citadel

-May experience the Geth Consensus

-Kills off the entire quarian or geth race OR creates peace between the two

-May meet the last living Prothean who will join his/her team

-May help Aria take Omega back from Cerberus

-May discover, confront, and speak with the Leviathans and possibly encourage them to help in the war effort

-Kills the assassin Kai Leng

-Kills the Illusive Man

-Puts an end to Cerberus

-Does all sorts of other quests and missions that save countless lives

-Unites the races of the galaxy

-Ends the reaper threat

 There are so many other accomplishments Shepard does that makes him/her have a crazy-ass life but probably the most badass. Those are basically just the highlights.

Let’s all just take a moment to review all the people Commander Shepard works with and who he/she aids throughout the Mass Effect series…

Garrus Vakarian: The Archangel himself- also my best bro and femshep romance for a good reason :D

Urdnot Wrex: One of the last living krogan battlemasters who may also go on to unite the entire krogan race

Urdnot Grunt: A tank-bred krogan with superior genes

Liara T’Soni: Daughter of Matriarch Benezia and Matriarch Aethyta as well as the Shadow Broker herself

Samara: An Asari Justicar

Zaeed Massani: Not only a professional bounty hunter and mercenary but also the founder of the Blue Suns

Kasumi Goto: Master thief and the best in the business

Thane Krios: One of the few remaining drell and a master assassin

Jack: Subject Zero herself and ex-convict

Mordin Solus: Ex-STG member and genius salarian scientist

Miranda Lawson: Genetically engineered “perfect” woman and Cerberus officer. Kinda a stuck-up bitch, but hey she deserves some respect for resurrecting Shep

Jacob Taylor: Ex-Cerberus and Alliance solider

Kaidan Alenko: L2 subject and possible second human spectre

Ashley Williams: Possible second human spectre….other than that not really that special and pisses me off a lot…..but still, I gotta show some appreciation for everyone here….

James Vega: Possible N7….also not all that special but….hey, he’s buff right?

EDI: Illegal Cerberus AI

Jeff Moreau: Best damn helmsman in the Alliance AND has Vrolik’s Syndrome- what a badass! Plus, he’s just funny as hell

Tali ‘Zorah: Not only a member of a rare race to see and meet but the daughter of one of the quarian admirals who may also become one herself…also my girlfriend :3

Legion: Not only a geth- which is crazy enough- but also a unique unit

Javik: The last living prothean as well as their Avatar of Vengeance

Morinth: Daughter of Justicar Samara and Ardat-Yakshi. But seriously- who killed Samara for her unless it was just to see what happened? 

Aria T’Loak: The Queen of Omega herself

Nyreen Kandros: Ex-turian military and turian cabal as well as the new leader of the Talons

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