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  • game npc:

    hero!! you must save the world from certain destruction!! we have no time left!!

  • me:


  • me:

    [changes outfit, does three minor quests, changes outfit again, upgrades outfit, does seven more minor quests, runs around punching chickens, changes outfit, completes an entirely separate questline, plays a different video game altogether, changes outfit in real life, plays first videogame again]

  • me:

    okay im ready to save the world

  • game npc:

    please hurry hero!!

  • me:

    actually hold on

  • me:

    [changes outfit]

ugh Leliana is glitched for me again and I can’t get her personal quest to harden her. I went passed 70+ approval with her before asking about minstrels in orlais so the quest isnt triggering. anyone know how i could lower my approval with her kinda quickly to get access to it again? i literally cant say anything to her in the party or at the camp except tell her to leave lol

youremy-forevergirl asked:

Hi there! I'm just wondering, what do you need to get a job in the gaming industry? I'm doing an arts degree, but I want to get into gaming, especially reporting and reviewing. Do you have any advice? thanks :)


This…is a toughy. It really is. There’s no true definite way of getting into the gaming industry. From what I’ve experienced, it really comes down to what you know and who you know. My history stems from eSports - completely unrelated to Bioware. I met people because I used to compete in a lot of big titles, and started making videos because a friend of mine tied me into an MCN. Somewhere along the way, I started doing Bioware stuff. Aaaaaand yup, that happened. :P

Since we’re talking about reporting and so, I have to disclose that the only company I’ve worked for (related to game journalism-only) was IGN and I wasn’t on the editorial side. Everything I do on my Youtube channel as far as “journalism” just began as a hobby that came from wanting to edit videos and talk about video games for extended periods of time. I do, however, know enough people to at least give you the grounds on where you should start, at the least.

  1. Write. Edit. Continue building a portfolio of your work and host it somewhere on the internet. 
  2. Keep writing. Keep editing. I think one of the misconstrued elements of “game reporters” is that they just get the games early, review it, and call it a done deal. Not even - some people I know are overworked and exhausted cause they have multiple reviews in a week.

    When I was at IGN, my desk was across from one of the associate editors Vince. He was glued to his desk, from morning until way past work hours, making sure to analyze every inch of Destiny. They had to extend their deadline 4 times in order to get it right, because he wanted to make sure his review was accurate as shit. It was some crazy dedication on his part. But that’s what reporting ends up to be.

    It doesn’t even stop when the review is shipped - you have to deal with comments and engaging with the community. That alone is a mental war. But you have to keep going. Cause that’s what you do.
  3. Network whenever you can, wherever you can. I think it’s hilarious coming from me, to be honest, cause I’m a rather timid, introverted person in real life. But networking is the way to go. Get yourself to a PAX or even E3 if the opportunity arises and just meet people. Socialize and learn how to do stuff. PAX is great for panels, cause a lot of journalists will end up talking about their experiences and how to break in. But all in all, when it comes to making connections in the industry, it helps in either getting you a job or getting you opportunities so you can do a better job. And meeting cool people along the way. At least, that’s how I see it.
  4. Don’t quit art if it’s your passion. Take reporting/reviewing as a hobby and only change over if you see yourself doing that in a year. Or 5 years. Maybe 10. But I’d finish getting your degree first. At least you can hold on to that.

So, TL;DR - Do work. Keep doing work. Talk to people and make friends. It’s in the middle of the night so I hope I’ve made sense here. Good luck to you.

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