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Now let’s just review how crazy and awesome Commander Shepard’s life has been throughout the Mass Effect series:

-He/She is an N7: which is an accomplishment in itself. Also may be a biotic which is also special and a great achievement

-Becomes the first human spectre

-Is the captain of the prototype Normandy and Normandy SR-2

-Makes the craziest teams which is too much info for this one post that is already long

-May save or kill the entire rachni species for good

-Kills the ancient Thorian

-Encounters and views multiple Prothean Beacons

-May view the Cipher

-Kills the rogue spectre Saren

-Responsible for the death of Sovereign

-May save or kill the Citadel Council

-Chooses the first human Council member

-Encounters and speaks to multiple reapers

-Uncovers multiple reaper artifacts

-Never get indoctrinated (Unless you believe in the ID theory but BioWare basically proved that as false, but it’s still viable)

-Is killed and reconstructed over a course of 2 years

-Temporarily works for the pro-human group Cerberus

-Kills the original leaders of the Blue Suns, Eclipse, and Blood Pack with Archangel

-May complete Clan Urdnot’s Rite of Passage

-Uncovers the truth behind the Collectors

-He/she and his/her crew are the first to ever cross the Omega 4 Relay without dying and returns to tell the tale (may die but anyone who did that did it on purpose or is a total idiot)

-Because of this also travels to the center of the galaxy

-Discovers and destroys a Proto Human-Reaper

-Kills multiple reapers- one of which is with a Thresher Maw

-Destroys the Collectors permanantly

-May confront and kill the original Shadow Broker

-Helps construct the Crucible and find the Catalyst

-May cure the Genophage

-Saves the Council(possibly for the second time) and the Citadel

-May experience the Geth Consensus

-Kills off the entire quarian or geth race OR creates peace between the two

-May meet the last living Prothean who will join his/her team

-May help Aria take Omega back from Cerberus

-May discover, confront, and speak with the Leviathans and possibly encourage them to help in the war effort

-Kills the assassin Kai Leng

-Kills the Illusive Man

-Puts an end to Cerberus

-Does all sorts of other quests and missions that save countless lives

-Unites the races of the galaxy

-Ends the reaper threat

 There are so many other accomplishments Shepard does that makes him/her have a crazy-ass life but probably the most badass. Those are basically just the highlights.

Let’s all just take a moment to review all the people Commander Shepard works with and who he/she aids throughout the Mass Effect series…

Garrus Vakarian: The Archangel himself- also my best bro and femshep romance for a good reason :D

Urdnot Wrex: One of the last living krogan battlemasters who may also go on to unite the entire krogan race

Urdnot Grunt: A tank-bred krogan with superior genes

Liara T’Soni: Daughter of Matriarch Benezia and Matriarch Aethyta as well as the Shadow Broker herself

Samara: An Asari Justicar

Zaeed Massani: Not only a professional bounty hunter and mercenary but also the founder of the Blue Suns

Kasumi Goto: Master thief and the best in the business

Thane Krios: One of the few remaining drell and a master assassin

Jack: Subject Zero herself and ex-convict

Mordin Solus: Ex-STG member and genius salarian scientist

Miranda Lawson: Genetically engineered “perfect” woman and Cerberus officer. Kinda a stuck-up bitch, but hey she deserves some respect for resurrecting Shep

Jacob Taylor: Ex-Cerberus and Alliance solider

Kaidan Alenko: L2 subject and possible second human spectre

Ashley Williams: Possible second human spectre….other than that not really that special and pisses me off a lot…..but still, I gotta show some appreciation for everyone here….

James Vega: Possible N7….also not all that special but….hey, he’s buff right?

EDI: Illegal Cerberus AI

Jeff Moreau: Best damn helmsman in the Alliance AND has Vrolik’s Syndrome- what a badass! Plus, he’s just funny as hell

Tali ‘Zorah: Not only a member of a rare race to see and meet but the daughter of one of the quarian admirals who may also become one herself…also my girlfriend :3

Legion: Not only a geth- which is crazy enough- but also a unique unit

Javik: The last living prothean as well as their Avatar of Vengeance

Morinth: Daughter of Justicar Samara and Ardat-Yakshi. But seriously- who killed Samara for her unless it was just to see what happened? 

Aria T’Loak: The Queen of Omega herself

Nyreen Kandros: Ex-turian military and turian cabal as well as the new leader of the Talons

Summing Up of Intimidation Options On The Illusive Man in ME3

1st encounter
TIM: Shepard stop bein a bitch Im trying to fuck over humanity.
Shepard: Fuck you.

2nd encounter
TIM: Shepard you loose I already told Harbinger on you and fucked over humanity.
Shepard: Fuck you.

3rd encounter at end game
TIM: Shepard humanity is already fucked over.
Shepard: Lol no. Fuck you.
TIM: Shepard why you do dis?
Shepard: Lol fuck you. You suck noob.
TIM: I cant stop it Shepard. Im indoctrinated.
Shepard: Lol thats right- fuck you.
TIM: You’re right Shepard…. Im ending this for good. For humanity.
*puts gun to head and shoots*
Shepard: Oh……well…..fuck you.
Anderson: Good job Commander.
Shepard: Thanks bro.
Anderson: Im proud of you.
Shepard: Fuck.

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